Your email software doesn’t suck. You suck.

The “Which Email Software Is Best For Me?” Argument

  • Low opens/no sales
  • Low deliverability
  • Difficulty custom coding the “ready-made” landing page editor

It Doesn’t Matter What Fucking Software You Use. They’re All 90% The Same Anyway.

Software Is Not Your Scapegoat

Let Me Throw Your A Lifeline

  1. You can acknowledge you’ve been acting like a wanker… and change your ways. You can learn how to actually write effective email sequences that sell. I wrote a book that teaches you how to do this. It’s free. Go to and get a copy and you’ll see how this whole email thing is done.
  2. Or… you can just shut the fuck up about it and switch your software already and stop bitching so you don’t waste other people’s time.

What Software Do I Use?



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Chris Orzechowski

Chris Orzechowski

Author. Speaker. E-commerce Email Marketing Expert. Aspiring Wine Snob