How to Build a Business That Runs On Email


So after all of these launches ended, I figured I’d send a few emails to my list.

With Those Three Emails, I Earned More Affiliate Commission Than What Some Clients Have Paid Me To Write Their Copy

Mastering Email Copywriting Can Transform Your Business And Your Life

And SHOCKINGLY enough… there were only a few small activities I did each day that made me money.

My Business Is Pretty Simple. And Your’s Could Be Too

  • Writing emails that sell stuff either for my clients or for myself
  • Creating assets, programs and offers I can sell
  • Talking to people on the phone and closing deals
  • Help your clients get results
  • Create new offers
  • Sell stuff

How to Set Your Business Up So All You Have To Do Is Write Emails

The Email Based Business Model

  • A system for getting people onto your list
  • A system for selling stuff thru email
  • A system for creating offers that people actually want… that actually help people



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Chris Orzechowski

Chris Orzechowski

Author. Speaker. E-commerce Email Marketing Expert. Aspiring Wine Snob