Freelance Copywriting Isn’t Dying. It’s Already Dead.

Well… that’s how AWAI and every other person with a Freelance Copywriting product sold me.

The landscape has changed.

Why Traditional Freelance Copywriting Is Dead

This thing came along. It’s called the internet.

If you are taking advice from people who made their money that way, but are struggling to survive in today’s ever-changing freelance market, you are going to be shit out of luck.

There Are 3 Ways To Make A Killing As A Freelance Copywriter In 2017

  1. Specialize In Some Type Of High Value Project. The freelancers who make the most money specialize in specific types of projects. Maybe you are awesome at doing PLF style launches. Maybe you write webinar funnels. Maybe you specialize in Facebook lead generation campaigns. Maybe you are an expert at Kickstarter launches. You can charge a higher price if you give someone a done-for-you solution. Business owners have problems and, for the most part, want these done for you solutions. If you tell someone, I just do sales letters or I just do emails, well… you’re going to get passed over by someone who can do the entire job the client needs to get done. Some clients might just need a few pieces of the puzzle to make their business work. But the clients who pay big money oftentimes need someone who can do a complete job. If you just do emails and the client needs an entire funnel written, you’re not going to get that job. Remember, if you are just a copywriter, you are competing with every other “copywriter” out there. Differentiate yourself.
  2. Go Deep With One Or Two Clients. Clients who are selling stuff on the internet need a ton of copy. It’s not just sales letters and emails. It’s everything. Everything they publish online needs an expert copywriter’s touch. If you plan on just doing one-off jobs your whole life, it’s going to be very hard to make a lot of money. When you choose one or two clients and go really deep with them, it’s a win-win for you and for them. You have to spend less time doing market research and getting up to speed with a product’s benefits. And your client spends less time looking for another freelancer everytime they need something done.
  3. Write faster. I’m amazed at how long some writers take to complete certain projects. As a freelancer, your time is money. Literally. It doesn’t matter how leveraged your freelance business is. As long as you are a freelancer, your time will always be tied to your money. If you are going to succeed, you need to know how to write fast. If you can’t get 5 emails done in two hours, you’re not going to last. You can have a pretty chill lifestyle as a copywriter. But for a few hours a day, you gotta put your ass in the seat and get your work done. Or, if you want to make a lot of money, put in longer hours, do more volume and you can really clean up. Remember: writer’s block isn’t real. It doesn’t exist. Amateurs complain about writer’s block. Pro’s get the job done no matter what.



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Chris Orzechowski

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