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A few weeks ago I got an email from a subscriber on my list. He sent me a screenshot of a conversation that was developing on Twitter. A conversation that mentioned me and my Make It Rain Monthly newsletter.

I think it’s safe to say that shit has hit the fan.

People are freaking out. Everyone’s quarantined. Public events are getting cancelled left and right. I just heard the NBA cancelled the rest of their season. The market is plummeting (which is only temporary).

People are in full-blown panic mode.

Despite all this…

Some people are going to get rich. Mega-fucking rich.

You MIGHT be able to be one of those few lucky people who are able to see this situation for what it is — it’s one of the biggest opportunities for wealth building we’ll see.

Here’s what…

Last night the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl.

But I think everyone watching the commercials in between the game were the real winners.

Personally, I think 2020 was an epic year for Super Bowl commercials. And there’s some incredible innovation happening that’s going to change the landscape for advertising forever.

There were so many good commercials last night.

Too many to chose from.

But I wanted to break down what I thought were the top 3… and talk about some of these incredible new advertising formats you’re going to see a lot more of going forward.



A long time ago, the world-renowned author Stephen King was at a seminar, giving some advice to aspiring writers.

The people in the audience could ask him any question they wanted. And he was willing to answer it.

A young author stepped to the podium, looked Stephen right in the eye and said:

“Mr. King… what kind of pencil do you use?”

This is known as the Stephen King Pencil question.

It’s a phrase that means: it doesn’t fucking matter what kind of stupid fucking pencil you use… if you suck, your pencil won’t matter. …

Obligatory picture of man on top of mountain giving the thumbs up because why the hell not

I went to school. Studied real hard. Went to college. Got a degree. Got my Masters. Got a job. Hated it. Started a business. Made a little bit of money. Then quit the job to be a full-time entrepreneur.

I’ll be the first to admit, I had no idea what I was doing. And to be completely honest… I still don’t. But over the past six years, I’ve managed to build an incredibly profitable, yet deliberately small business from scratch. Here’s a few things I learned along the way…

1. Nobody thinks you’ll make it.

Before I left my job, there was one line I kept…

So last night was the Super Bowl.

And despite a terribly boring defensive battle between the Rams and the Pats… there was one part of the night that didn’t disappoint.

The commercials.

There were some damn effective ones this year.

And there were three that I personally — as an Ad Man — thought did an incredible job of selling their products to the masses.

I’m going to break down all 3 of them here and analyze why they worked so well… so you can try to use the same principles for your own ads.

Let’s take a look at…

This past week I was at the RFL Supergroup Mastermind Meeting, of which I am a member.

It was 12 of us writers.

Spending two days together, helping each other take our shit to the next level.

On the second day, we did a series of “hot seats.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a hot seat is just a session where you tell everyone all of your goals and obstacles… and the entire group spends time helping you work through your shit.

A Funny Thing Happened

You would think that most of the value comes from your session. …

Last week, I got an opportunity to speak at (my mentor) Kevin Rogers’ event: Copy Chief Live in St. Pete, FL.

It’s an incredible event where the best direct response copywriters, marketers, publishers and entrepreneurs meet to exchange their best practices… and to discuss “what’s working now” in the world of direct response marketing and advertising.

It was my first time ever on stage. And I’m not going to lie… I was pretty nervous about the whole thing.

Per Jerry Seinfeld: most people — if they were at a funeral — would rather be the one in the casket than the one giving the eulogy.

And I can kind of understand why.

You have to prepare.

Then, you have to actually give…

Why is it our first instinct to make business harder than it needs to be?

If you’re anything like me, you probably work your ass off. You’re no stranger to the grind. And you probably spend most of your day in front of your computer “working” on your business.

I do a lot of “working” every single day. (As you’ll see in a minute, I use that term very generously here.)

But a few weeks ago, I had an experience that really caused me to stop and say…


I had just done 5 back to back product launches (or varying…

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